During the last one and a half decade, the healthcare industry in India, as well as in the other parts of the world, has witnessed astounding growth which is unprecedented in scale, speed and complexity. Development of new medical technology; new research findings and acquisition of greater understandings of patients’ needs and experiences; the rapidly increasing market demand for high quality, sophisticated healthcare services; lightening speed advancements in information technology coupled with the softening of national and international boundaries with respect to knowledge transfers; new findings, experiences and innovations in healthcare facilities operations and management methodologies; the opening up and steady growth of the healthcare insurance sector - all these developments have fuelled the rapid growth of this industry.

It is against this backdrop of mind-boggling and exciting advancements in medical technology and healthcare delivery methodologies that we at Archimedes commit to provide quality healthcare facilities planning and design consultancy services comparable to the best in the industry anywhere in the world.

We believe that every facility, however large or small, possesses its own unique characteristics and must be understood from a holistic perspective. It is our endeavor to pool in our multi-disciplinary intellectual resources to provide our clients with the most appropriate recommendations and design solutions specifically tailored to each client’s needs and objectives. We strongly encourage active participation of not only our co-professionals and sub-consultants but also that of our clients and end users throughout the project planning, design and implementation process.

We acknowledge and address the complexities of financial planning, functional space programming, medical architecture and the myriad issues pertaining to operations & management of any healthcare facility. It is our endeavour to address the entire spectrum of these issues through a well integrated and well-informed approach. We lay great emphasis on pre-design analysis of project feasibility, market demands, regional epidemiology, technological and social environment of the region in which a project is conceived.

Extensive research and studies have established beyond doubt that the ambience of a healthcare facility plays a larger-than-life role in the healing process. The physical environment of any facility has a profound psychological impact on the users. It is with this awareness that we at Archimedes lay special emphasis on designing interior and exterior spaces that elevate the human spirit. Carefully crafted spatial volumes, building forms, pleasing colors and textures that soothes the senses are what we strive to achieve in our projects.