Believers Church Medical College Hospital,
Tiruvalla, Kerala.

Project details



This shopping complex building along with multiplex, service apartments and hotel with a built-up area of 64641.50 Sq.Mts (695542.54 Sq.Ft) rising up to Eighteen floors with helipad . The building is being constructed on a three acre plot of land.

The layout integrates leisure and recreational facilities with commercial and residential components for a comprehensive and authentic destination for residential and visitors. Entertainment, Dining and Leisure are the nutrients that are enriching commercial complex.

Amenities include puzzle parking in ground floor retail shops at lower levels from First to Fourth Floor, Physiotherapy at Fifth Floor multiplex of 5 no’s of each 150 capacity at Third Floor Level, patients relatives accommodation at Sixth and Seventh Floor, terrace garden at sixth floor service floor at eighth floor Service Apartments, Single Rooms at Ninth Floor Level, Single Bedroom and Double Bedroom units at Tenth to Fifteenth Floor and hotel & restaurant at Sixteenth to Eighteenth Floor Level.

Beautiful interior landscapes not only provide buffers, but also create pedestrian connections that help reduce traffic congestion. Common spaces to create more points of convergence and grandeur. It excels in four areas like extraordinary design, hyper levels of service, the internationalization of brands and decentralization of food and beverages.

The building is planned to construct with combination of structural steel and R.C.C. This type of buildings will give high protection from fire, earthquake and many other natural hazards, further it is very reliable, quicker by reducing construction time by 50% to 75%.the steel columns, beams and deck slab is fire protected, coated with designed thickness fire protection paint as per the fire norms.

All internal and external finishes have been designed as per the latest technology and locally available materials. All services like Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and HVAC are incorporated.